• FPGA, CPLD and microprocessor (ARM, PIC etc.) circuit design.

  • Complex circuit boards containing SRAM(QDR2, QDR2+), SDRAM (DDR2, DDR3, LPDDR etc.), high BW ADC and DAC, sensors and other peripherals.

  • Application specific digital circuit boards which are used for signal processing, image processing, control, communication and so on.

  • Defence, industrial and commercial grade hardware designs

  • Schematics, layout, assembly, test and prototyping

  • PCB design in standard (VME, VPX, XMC, PMX, FMC, 3U/6U and so on) and application specific non-standard form factors.

  • Stack-up design, coupling calculations and impedance matching.

  • Single and differential trace design and signal integrity simulations/verifications

  • Analog trace design (2GHz+ BW).

  • Digital trace design (10Gbps+ rates)



  • Modeling before digital design (MATLAB, C, C++, C#).

  • RTL design (VHDL, Verilog, System Generator).

  • Embedded soft/hard processor design in FPGA (PPC, MB, ARM etc.), and embedded software design.

  • Pre-synthesis/post-synthesis simulations.

  • Realtime hardware debug/verification

  • Standard multigigabit serial communication protocol designs (AURORA, PCIE Gen1/2/3, 10G, Ethernet etc.)

  • Application specific multigigabit transceiver and protocol designs (BW, latency, distance etc.)

  • Standard memory interface design (DDR2/3/4, QDR2, QDR2+, SATA, PCIE, NOR/NAND flash etc.)

  • High BW signal processing applications (filters, ADC interleaving etc.)